Typical Price-List

  • Easy Web-Site: from 100$
  • Basic Content: from 100$
  • SEO Content: from 200$
  • eCommerce System: from 500$
  • Client's Profile: from 200$
  • Mini CRM: from 500$
  • API: from 500$
  • Startup Portal: from 3000$
  • Mobile Apps: from 6000$
  • Strong Security: from 1000$
  • DMP System: from 1000$



Geolocation service (Moow.life startup) - Finished!


Web-service with geolocation functions, work with directions, routes, points for people navigation. Users system, Custom Feed, Social Network functions, Free Add content system, etc.


White Label Payment System - In progress.

Under NDA

Payment System for POS Acquiring, eCommerce, CryptoExchange (PCI/DSS, PIN Security, HSM, Certifications (UPI, MC, Visa, JCB), ISO8583, RSA + AES256 Encryption, TCP/IP to RestAPI Connectors, Java to PHP Connectors, etc.)


Web-CRM with flexible customization and ERP functions - In progress.

Base CRM function like contacts, orders, products and ERP functions. Admin tables generation. Emailing. Charts and program tools for customizations


StarLightMedia Traffic Exchange Project - Finished!


Complited project for StarLightMedia Traffic Exchange Project. We make plashka server and top-menu clients for every internet project of holding. Also we make informers for news exchange between web-sites of group. Project use modern technologies and has a high level of security and safety.


IT Education program + PHP Cource - Finished!


Education course with IT basics, programming based on Web-Development with PHP advanced program link


PrestaShop Free MVC Module - Finished!


Free Module with routing for easy upgrade shop with new complex functions Routing + DB + MVC


Universal Client Card Service - Finished!


Saas and Custom Solutions for Business Clients CRM with Loyalty functions iOS and Android Apps, CRM + CMS Rich base function with easy customisation


Payment H2Gov Web-Service - In progress.


UA Startup with talented team from 1991 incubator


Wisdom LMS Solution - Finished!


With Wisdom Tree you a structured their knowledge. Using the LMS build an information network of knowledge you can optimize, accelerate learning, and even engaged in coaching. Simple and easy knowledge management system helps increase the efficiency of memory, storage and structuring information.


Easy eCommerce solutions - Finished!


We make special framework for small internet shops with all main functions like categories, goods, cart, orders, blog. With this solution everybody can start business very fast and without big investments in code customization. (Ready shop example:  yanina-flower.com)


Pufetto xRM/Automatization - In progress.


We update business automatization system with reports and custom interfaces which help company to increase effectivity. We use our special Crudgen and Autotables solution


Online monitoring (for Avox startup) - Finished!


Web-interface, AJAX and JQuery scripts, Analytical back-end for telecommunication system monitoring.


FEEX - Event and Show-biz web-site - Finished!


FEEX (Feeling Exchange) or the exchange of emotions will provide you with the services of any format in show business. The idea is to collect the catalog of services for organizing all kinds of shows and entertainment.


JS Human Emulation Robots - Finished!


Chrome application for server side to control the browser depending on the task. When you connect the application in the browser adds a simple remote control, and scripts loaded from the server.


Service Desk + Chat Solution - Finished!


Solution for ServiceDesk and chat solution for easy communication with customers. Simple and rich functionality to work effectively.


Basic Web Site Template - Finished!


Basic package to create a small website with many features. Functional enough for the development of the project and get SEO traffic and context. Also created a demo site and prepared the documentation about the product and sample tasks, which can be solved complex software.


TKN Real-Estate System - Finished!


Easy and modern Real-estate web-service with flexible search and object landing pages. Ready solutions for any kind of real-estate agency business.


Buy/Sale Online-market - Finished!


E-business platform Buy Sell is an innovative and unique product in the market and is designed to facilitate and accelerate the conduct of business, to carry out promotion of free competition in the market. The main objective of our e-business platform - to simplify vzaimodeystvie between enterprises and postavschikami zakazchikami, nezavisimo their razmerom, geograficheskogo position and otraslevoy prinadlezhnosti. The large number of customers and suppliers in the expanding list of potential partners and provides additional time savings, as well as allows you to make purchases as soon as possible.


Ekipazh-Service - First Food Delivery service in UA - Finished!


After the complete refactoring of the back-end and front-end, we have helped create a sophisticated, convenient and multifunctional aggregation service for restaurants and food delivery organizations throughout Ukraine.


HomeLand - Real-Estate Web-Site - Finished!


Strong and simple commercial web-site for real-estate. It has landing pages, blog, social buttons, flexible web panel. We make project in 2 stages. First is a fast grouth up and second is global refactoring, more functions and stabilisation. Project was very interesting.


MMDance group web-site back-end - Finished!


Admin panel with special function for managing media content.


Inside 4 (New Version) - In progress.


Inside CMS+CRM+ERP FrameWork helps you to manage all your inside data and relationships. Control database, tasks and processes. Make effective CMS, CRM, ERP system to growth up your business. The main future is an easy install, changes and costomisation. Table inputs generation in this system reached an entirely new level of convenience. http://inside.ikiev.biz/


Joker-Agency Digital - Finished!


Digital Agency Kiev. Web-Site of FreeLance team with a big expirience and special technologies for solve complex issues. Idea of agency connected with top card Joker in play games. Team belive that thay are best "joker" creative freelence team. http://joker-agency.com.ua/  


Garmonica Trainings Agency - Finished!


Progressive trainings agency in Kiev with different psychology technologies. Main feature of the center is a modern trainings programs, comfortable class rooms and professional team. http://garmonika.com.ua


Petope.Net - Travelers community - Finished!


Complex and interesting project, working on the principle of Web 2.0. (user generated content). Many complexities and broad functionality were not a problem, since the system was used Inside. So as JQuery and AJAX technologies have facilitated the creation of rich external interface.


Svitlo-VD LightShop - Finished!


Online store on the system InsideShop, simple and convenient integration with filters and price lists. The site is made quickly, it was very pleasant to work with interested customers. After filling the plan to launch an advertising campaign.


Tuda.Travel - Finished!


Tuda.Travel Agency - unique web-site, customed for special work with tours, hotels and trips database. Custom admin panel and catalog helps to manage travel funtion for business and customers. Also web-site use simple user friedly interface. http://tuda.travel/ (http://travel.ikiev.biz/)


Flower.Net.Ua - Finished!


Perfume Internet Shop. Custom technology for Perfumes and Fragrance products. This web-site is a third version from 2006 year. This is first project of Alex Torrison and his first bussiness when he was co-founder and main developer. http://flower.net.ua/